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Welcome to our Black Hearts 🖤 Nights section where we post past, new and upcoming events showcasing our favourite authors. Events feature our current read of choice, encouraging our followers to engage in some hot steamy chats about why we love to read, what we read and why.

Browse through some of our event pictures, videos, and questions and answers from our discussions. There will also be author feedback and dialogue.

Your feedback is what we encourage and it will help us cater to our followers’ requests. This keeps the information we bring you relevant with the newest and current information available on our website. Enjoy!

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Get To Know Us 🎭

Welcome to our BookshelfMuse site! We’re so excited to share with you all our LOVE, LOVE, LOVE of reading and our unique Black Hearts Rating for new releases and current reads.

Why? You might ask…

Well, it’s actually very simple. We’re two women who share a common passion for literature and started to realize, over the years, the influence our opinions and interests had on our immediate circle of friends. From there, it slowly but surely escalated into an even larger audience and then one day after being inspired by one of our all time favourite authors, a certain Ms. Pepper Winters, we decided to start a movement of sorts!

Within a month of opening our own Instagram account we held our very first Black Hearts Night Event and it was a super success! A gathering of women over our featured book with wine ,cheese and amazing company. We recognized the need to reintroduce the love of reading, sharing and friendship building over books is the way to keep people engaged, happy and light hearted.

Our goal is not only to network our amazing readers and grow into a community of book lovers, but to also share our reviews. The Black Hearts Rating attached to our reviews (located in our blog) will help generate further discussion and interest. We are open to authors using us as a vehicle for further exposure by sending us your ARC’s so that we can feature your work. Actually….we would LOVE that!!

We hope you enjoy this site and all the information that will be provided. Let the reading begin 😉

Luv Jenn & Sab


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