Confess, A. Zavarelli

~’I know you’re thinking the worst,’ Lucian murmured as he brought my fingers to his skin. ‘You always do. But this is my promise that for as long as I live, and even in death, you will be a part of me.’ ~

Zavarelli is an intriguing author. I’ve read many of her books in the past and although this one is not as dark or disturbing as her previous work, it’s definitely as complicated and at moments completely heart wrenching. One scene in particular which stands out (apart from the very first sex scene which was dark, somewhat disturbing and completely carnal) was a scene where Gypsy provides a eulogy and is so incredibly raw and true. Zavarelli is phenomenal with her words and has some very poetic moments in even the darkest of places.

The story of Lucian and Gypsy is wrapped up in a series of tragic and challenging circumstances. Spoiler Alert….his impeding death, her past that is always a mere step behind her haunting her and her sister, his enemies lurking in every open corner they don’t see coming. It’s different kind of love story. It pulls at an array of different emotions and isn’t a typical love affair.

I struggled with the last bit of the book. So much was thrown our way in such a short period of time. Twists and turns that leave you reeling and trying to grasp at conclusions.

The ending, however, wraps up beautifully and you can’t help but finally find some peace for these two beautiful, tragic souls who have risen above and beyond their life circumstances and have become beautiful human beings. All the more beautiful because they have one another.


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