Dirty Headlines, LJ Shen

This book literally has me wanting to meet the author. Like, now.

It is a masterpiece in wit. Wit with a capital W followed by a middle finger emoji.

At the risk of sounding completely unprofessional (not that I particularly care because I believe honesty trumps correctness), her writing is fucking fantastic and I’m not exaggerating one bit when I say I laughed out loud so many times my kids were concerned with my mental safety. I actually had fun reading this book. I ended up highlighting so many lines to add to my own repertoire. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if they’ve taken permanent residency in my head and have become a part of my verbal armour.

Fucking genius, modern, fresh, real, raw, intelligent writing.

There are a few common plot lines everyone follows. Traditionally, it’s one of two things….

1) Boy Meets Girl and the whole story is one long race to the finish line, keeping us readers entranced and excited waiting for the big moment. (Typically these are the safe route and the most enjoyable).

2) Boy Meets Girl, sleeping with her instantaneously and I am snoozing through the rest of the story going through the typical storylines and disaster scenarios.

And then there’s this one…

3) Célian meets Judith in a chance (or maybe not so chance encounter) after they simultaneously experience exceptionally shitty days, they spend the night together in an explosive night of sex after a banter exchange that would put the most talented poet or linguistic to shame. She steals from him out of desperation (but has a heart of gold), shamelessly (though not so much) becomes his employee and proceeds to rock everyone’s world. He falls hard (like from the top of his ginormous New York building rooftop kind of hard) and the rest is a climactic train wreck of beautiful emotions, personal growth and the kind of storyline that keeps you rooting for the good guys and riveted to the page.

If I could give this book a 5 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 with a pair of golden Chucks (with laces sharpied in black) I would in a nanosecond. (You must read this book to get this reference…so get on it).

Shen…loved this is an understatement. Your writing is refreshing and is so real and contemporary I could feel these characters in my bones. Especially Chucks. She is by far one of my favourite female characters in a very long time. And Célian? Well, I’ll be damned.


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