Down To You, Jayne Frost

The Sixth Street Band Series has been a pleasure to read. In Frost’s Jayne Said at the end, she sums up beautifully the intricacy of this story.

~ At the center of it all was the lead singer of one of those bands – Logan Cage.

Although there are four that came before Down To You, it was always about Logan in my head. He was the prize.

So, thank you Logan. In the end…it all came down to you. ~

Frost has managed to take the storyline of Rockstars and their women to new heights….respectable heights. This is anything but your typical storyline you come across time and time again. In this story there is a central theme that connects all the characters in such a profound and meaningful way that is both tragic and the catalyst for their personal growth.

Both Logan and Tori are such complex characters who struggle through the demons of loss, addiction, family trauma and personal afflictions. Powerhouses in their industry, an industry that often times is unkind and cutthroat, they are individuals who although surrounded by a strong network of friends and loyalty, are fiercely independent. In each other they find solace and peace. They recognize pain in one another and this pain is what draws them in.

Frost has written such a beautiful storyline and has some incredibly poignant passages that are both poetic and prophetic. She leaves each chapter with a stroke of genius and as the storyline progresses, you can’t help but fall for these two on both their personal journeys and in their relationship.

There is something in this book for everyone. For the women who have lost in love, who have struggled in a world dominated by men and power driven egos, who have faced the demons of limitations that often times defines womanhood. For the men it is a telling tale of the struggles associated also with loss of identity, masculinity and the oftentimes daunting expectation to be the all encompassing alpha male that is challenging and taxing on the soul.

Their love story is nothing short of beautiful. It is raw, intense and real.

A must read. The entire series!


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