House of Scarlett By: Meghan March


House of Scarlett

By: Meghan March

The Legend Trilogy


I’m always so excited when a Meghan March book lands on my kindle! I know wholeheartedly that I’m going to go on an awesome, memorable ride!

Some of my most favourite characters have been from Meghan’s books.

Gabriel Legend and Scarlett Priest have made that list also.

These two characters were very interesting to read about because Meghan made sure the reader was intrigued from the get-go. Their first meeting alone was epic! Watching Gabriel and Scarlett evolve throughout the book was such a satisfying experience. This relationship had a slow burn vibe and was a refreshing surprise.

In House of Scarlett, I found Meghan really added to her character building. Each character experienced their own set of challenges to overcome. Meghan did a great job with fluidity and kept true to the theme with House of Scarlett.

You experience this also with the secondary characters. Bump, Flynn, and that amazing girl tribe of Scarlett’s… need I say more?

As I was reading House of Scarlett, I couldn’t help but feel that these characters had a lot of love poured into them from Meghan.

I witnessed Meghan add little tid bits of personal touches to many characters in this book. Little things like Flynn’s car racing.

The character dialogue was poignant as well. We heard inner voices express fears and insecurities and also passion and drive. Watching the main characters interact in day to day life was so refreshing and relatable. Tea anyone? Lol

We get to finally find out about Gabriel’s past mistakes and heartbreak through his POV and really get an understanding of his world.

His likes, his dislikes, his loyalty and his fierce need to protect those he loves and holds dear to him.

I loved how Scarlett got her groove back in this book and her confidence only grew as she owned her destiny.

The overall chemistry with all the relationships in this book was amazing and I can see future dedicated books to some of these awesome supporting role characters.

I can’t wait for book three!

Loved it!

Highly recommended