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Hot Asset, Lauren Layne

~ I need more than to be Ian Bradley’s woman. I need to be Lara McKenzie, and Lara McKenzie still wants to be in the FBI. ‘Don’t,’ I whisper. ‘Please don’t ask.’ He nods and lets me go without another word. ~ Hot Asset is definitely a fun, interesting read that incorporates a little bit […]


Raze By: Tillie Cole

Well, I was expecting a tale about a tortured tatted fighter whose been wronged and is out for revenge but then falls for the girl that saves him. I can safely say the Tillie Cole, blew my expectation out of the water. It was that and a whole lot more. This story really captured my […]


Unloved By: Katy Regnery

Brynn and Cassidy!! Wow! My heart swells for these two beautiful souls. I love how the author right from the beginning gave us a glimpse, a little back story and character development with the two main characters that initiated and peeked my interest before they even met. The loyalty, drive and commitment these two characters […]

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Sick Fux, Tillie Cole

*Disclaimer* This book is not for everyone. I’ve read my share of dark and Cole’s Sick Fux takes dark to a whole new level and it is phenomenal. You just need to brace yourself, place your personal issues on the side table, grab a whiskey and smoke and enjoy the ride because Cole’s mind is […]