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Gypsy King, Devney Perry

They say to never judge a book by its cover, but damn….I love me some skull and art work, so when I saw the cover of Gypsy King, I told Jenn I had to read this one and she needed to back off.

It was worth the judgement.

Plus it’s Devney Perry. She’s been on my radar since I read and reviewed Tragic about a year ago. She surprised me then, and she sure didn’t disappoint with this one now.

Set in a small town in Montana, we are instantly brought to the doorstep of a fiery and passionate Bryce Ryan. She’s a journalist and a fearless woman who is transitioning her professional career from television to print. She comes home to continue her passion for journalism (particularly investigative journalism) by accepting part ownership of her father’s local newspaper. She has one goal in mind….to make her mark and unravel the hidden secrets behind the notorious Gypsy King motorcycle gang that has gone from a life of crime to legalized business entrepreneurs as restorers of Harley motorcycles and owners of a local garage. She doesn’t buy it and wants to expose the truth behind their sudden dismantling. But she was anticipating the instant connection and attraction she would feel for the owner of the garage and previous president of the club.

From the very beginning, the story catapults into a crime scene of epic proportions. Dash Slater (Kingston) and her meet right at the moment that his father is accused of brutally murdering a woman. Bryce believes he is guilty and can’t wait to uncover the story for print; Dash believes in his innocence and is desperate to prove that his father is not the killer. But they have a lot to hide and there is a lot to be learned about the past, hidden secrets and plots and grudges that run deep between members of the underground biker worlds. In a world where they simply wanted to end the life of violence, this set up was proving to risk all they had worked hard to build all these years.

There is instant passion between Dash and Bryce, but a complete lack of trust on both parts. They both need one another and quickly realize that working together is far better than working apart in uncovering the truth.

I loved this story.

It was the right mixture of mystery, humour, seriousness and all the feels. In the beginning, I wanted to bitch slap Bryce. I thought her hunger for success showed a lack of journalistic professionalism…only to watch her unfold into an incredibly honest, sensitive and raw woman who held onto principals regardless of her fears or trepidations.

Dash, as much as I also wanted to knock him in the sac a few times, proved to be an incredibly loyal, smart and honest man who quickly learned to face his deepest pains and fears thanks to Bryce’s unwavering bravery.

There is love, lust, truth, mystery, violence and a showcase of human frailty at its best and worst. There is brotherhood, the bond between parent and child and the truth behind the trials and tribulations of friendships that run deep.

Loved the love story. Loved the family story. And I can’t wait to read the next instalment to see what the heck happens next.