Landon and Shay: Part Two (L&S Duet,#2) By: Brittainy C. Cherry

I’m so happy Landon and Shay was a duet!

I say this because Brittainy really did this story justice by dedicating the time and words to allow the reader to fully have an amazing experience reading about these two beautifully broken souls.

From book one I loved the chemistry between Landon and Shay.

In part one we experienced these 2 young teens go from hating each other to discovering their feelings for one another and ultimately falling in love.

Part two, is Landon and Shay all grown up.

This book sent me on an emotional journey.

Firstly, I can’t express enough how beautifully written this book is. Brittainy poured her heart and soul into these characters and that is evident with each quote, each inner dialogue exchange and scene description.

Landon and Shay, are the type of characters that you’re always rooting for and wondering if they’ll get their happily ever after.

Landon is the man he thought he wanted to be and Shay isn’t where she thought she’d be in book two.

Even in adulthood with both of them established in their careers their hearts still only beat for one another.

There were many years of missed opportunities and pain between these two. Reading through some of the scenes had me in tears and I often asked myself “how my heart is doing?” after a few chapters and scenes.

I enjoyed the continuity from book one, the intimate details of Landon and Shays journey. Little things like the symbols of their connection ex. Banana taffy, heart necklace, love letters.

The deep theme of mental illness is constantly prevalent in this book.

This book was so informative and very descriptive on the real life challenges of mental illness one has to deal with. The characters in this story depicted the struggles and triumphs of trying to live with the constant struggle to overcome the darkness that is involved when afflicted with this disease.

This story is simply just beautiful.

A story of survival and perseverance.

If you’re looking for an epic love story,

With deep angsty love with a great family theme this is your book!