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The Wives, Tarryn Fisher

I know this book has been getting a lot of reviews. My recommendation to you is DON’T HIT THE SPOILERS.

This is the kind of psychological thriller you need to dive into with no life vest. You need to drown a little, choke a bit and then pull yourself to safety so that as you catch your breath you can ask yourself “what the F was that?”

Fisher definitely delivers with this book. Rarely do I get annoyed; do any of my buttons get pushed; do I physically yell at a character in a book like I did with this one. If I had the actual book in my hand I probably would have launched it a few times.

I struggled with Thursday. On so many levels. Fisher asks you to go on a very dark and toxic ride of jealousy, envy, a touch of crazy with Thursday. And then with every other character you slowly get pulled into a very disturbing world of lies, half-truths, abuse, violence, deceit and a shit ton of insecurity. As much as I hate what’s his face (I’m not naming him because that’s how much he annoys me), I get it. It’s an opportunistic world and he has his own crazy hat he wears. But my anger was saved for the three women.

And let me say this…Fisher hit this one out the park. She took three women archetypes that many struggle with and brought them to life. So as a woman I really struggled with these three women because it hit too close to home. We all know someone who would make some of these sacrifices, decisions and maybe even we have made decisions “for love” that when we look back we shake our heads in confusion. Each in their own way is messed up and even though they are at different levels of self-awareness and strength, there’s a sinister chord that attaches them all to one central fate…that man in the middle. What’s his face could drop off the face of the earth for all I care.

I feel like all these characters represent what’s wrong with humanity. It’s like Fisher asked herself “What are a man and woman’s worse characteristics when it comes to love, relationships, self-awareness and truth? Let’s play with that for a bit.”

This isn’t for the faint of heart.

Fisher took a storyline and went with it. I felt like there needed to be some cautionary signs along the way because it’s one of those stories that regardless of how the reader feels about the subject matter, there is some kind of “ugly” they can relate to. It’s about human nature, fundamentally. In all its ugly glory.

You do have to read carefully and stay focused. It moves quickly toward the end and you can feel lost at some points. You will find yourself asking a lot of questions and turning the pages because you need to know and figure things out.

Well done Fisher. All the feels with this one. Minus some peace.