The Fight for Forever By: Meghan March

The Fight For Forever (book #3 The Legend Trilogy)

By: Meghan March


What an epic ending to a fantastic story!

Meghan’s done it again! I’m in awe!! A master story teller!

A very cool, sexy and thrilling trilogy!

This series was so unique, fun, totally nail biting and just really an awesome love story.

A fantastic ensemble of beautifully intricate characters, brought together, that delivered a deep human connection and made this story so memorable.

Each one of Meghan’s characters provided a poignant piece of the puzzle to complete this very legendary tale.

From a long lost sibling, to a fierce woman tribe, to people banning together to support a legend, to friends that become family The Fight For Forever had it all.

I’m so happy with this instalment, it wrapped up perfectly and had some crazy surprising twists

with a whole lot of “omg” moments.

Gabriel and Scarlett are such a fantastic couple. Opposites yet in sync with eachother.

Truly enjoyed how both of these characters pasts came to face them both simultaneously at the same moment and how they bet the odds and found justice and peace together.

Great read I couldn’t put it down

Highly recommended