Spark By: Aleatha Romig

SPARK By: Aleatha Romig


If you’re a poker fan this story is for you. This entire story was based on the arrival of an epic poker tournament that would leave everyone in shock, despair, fear and asking questions.

The storyline and the way Ms. Romig describes the setting and events in this book was made for the big screen.

This suspenseful thrilling story left me wanting more.

Aleatha gave us a sexy mysterious story with unforgettable characters.

Patrick and Madeline delivered intense chemistry, history and a connection that left you breathless.

Lovers from a long time ago, are unexpectedly united in Chicago after years apart only to be the thrown into unforeseen circumstances.

Madeline has one job to do. Win! As she works her wit, talent and charm around the poker table she’s confident nothing can go wrong.

Patrick has his orders to win. When he’s presented with an unexpected rival sitting next to him, Madeline.

Does he protect the love of his life or sacrifice her for the greater good.

A very fast exciting and unforgettable story. Can’t wait for book two!