One-Eighty By: Marie James




“Tormenting the girl next door has been a regular part of my day since the very first day of kindergarten.”


One Eighty

Marie James

This was my first Marie James novel. What a pleasant surprise One Eighty was and I’m so happy to have added Marie James on my favourite authors list! Can’t wait for book two!

I was so enthralled by Marie’s gripping writing style and storyline that I literally read this book in a day.

I hadn’t read a good YA bully to lovers story in years. I truly didn’t know what to expect and I was told this story really pushed the reader and put them on an emotional ride.

This book did just that, it invoked some serious emotions in me.

The descriptive details of the extreme cruelty and events Piper had to endure from Dalton was quite shocking.

Marie, managed to give us a great build up and descriptive setting where all the love/hate episodes occurred.

Small town Colorado, small community, friendships, teenage angst and high school!

This style of YA took me back to my youth.

I thoroughly enjoyed the development of this story.

I enjoyed the fluidity of the story telling and the dialogue was superb.

The characters had great chemistry and growth which was written with care. You can tell time was dedicated to Piper’s and Dalton’s character development which is so refreshing as a reader to experience and allows the reader to really absorb the story.

I also appreciated the secondary characters roles and their significance to Piper and Dalton’s journey.

Highly recommended

Looking forward to the next instalment in the Westover Prep series!