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Catch Twenty-Two By: Marie James ( Westover Prep #2)

Can’t tell you much I’m loving Marie James West Prep series!

Catch Twenty-Two was one I couldn’t put down.

Even in these unprecedented times we’re faced with, I found this book brought me such a nice distraction.

Catch-Twenty Two is YA love story filled with angsty teens trying to find their path in life.

This book, like the first, is about West Prep high and continues with Pipers friend Frankie.

Frankie, always trying to find her place in her journey a sophomore from Colorado decides visiting her grandmother on her farm over the summer in Utah would be fun and a good way to keep out if her parents way.

When she meets the boy helping on the farm and their very confusing relationship begins.

A big city girl dealing with family, high-school, virginity, pressures, body image and first love.

Marie James is a wonderfully gifted author and I thoroughly enjoy her descriptive and fluid writing style.

Marie writes with such passion which is evident in her character building.

Can’t wait for book 3!


ARC generously provided by author