Lost For You, Jayne Frost

“And I didn’t deserve it. I couldn’t let you see–“

“See what?”

“Me.” Falling back onto my haunches, a shuddering breath escaped. “All of me. The train had left the station, and I didn’t want to drag you along for the ride. “

Lost For You, Sixth Street Bands Book Four


Ms. Frost….I stand corrected.

For years I have struggled with the musician/rockstar storyline. The lack of originality and typical, overplayed stereotypes has always left me feeling disappointed.

Not in this beautifully complicated love story between Taryn and Chase.

What I came to appreciate, besides your beautiful lyrical writing, is that each character in this story is a complex representation of some kind of deep truth. It’s realistic. It’s raw. It isn’t sugar coated. Each emotion, struggle, moment of self-realization is authentic. Friendship, not just the two lovers, are celebrated. The bond between these women and men that stems from something deep and meaningful, tightened by tragedy, makes it a beautiful, complicated mess. The ability to explore different facets of relationships is also a glorious indicator of literary maturity. Thank you for that.

The love between Taryn and Chase is both bittersweet and hot. The bonds between friends and past lovers is a beautiful testament to the human spirit. The realities of addiction, loss and struggle is real and respectfully told in an honest and raw manner.

Please, please pick up this book and enjoy it when you have some time to think and feel completely. It will bring you on a ride down a beautiful river of emotions. At points the water will run ragged and dangerous, but stick it through. The final destination makes it all worth it.

Thank you Jayne Frost. 🖤🖤🖤🖤

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