Miles Ahead By: Willow Aster

Miles Ahead By: Willow Aster


Miles Ahead by Willow Aster, is book 1.5 in the La Jolla series, a novella featuring Miles from the 5331 Miles book one.

Miles Ahead picks up where 5331 Miles ended and tells Miles story a secondary character from book one.

I was hoping to read Miles Stark’s story and I’m so happy Willow gave us this opportunity to experience a nice beautiful love story. Miles was a “good guy” and reading about him getting his happy ever after is a wonderful ending.

Having him find love again, with such a great strong heroine Cort was satisfying. I only wish there was more story with their initial connection. I felt them falling in love was fast and rushed.

Cort was a great character to experience. I enjoyed how Willow introduced her. Would’ve been a treat to learn more about her and her experiences. Unfortunately this is what happens when you get a great novella.

Cort, represents what most women are speaking out about today the #metoo. Having her story explained was a very profound message to women everywhere. Expanding on this topic a little further would’ve been nice to see.

This is a great series thus far and I’m hoping Willow gives us more fun characters to meet and continues to discuss more great interesting issues.

Highly recommended