Redemption, Jessica Ruben

Awe man….has our boy ever grown up!

(😜 That one’s for you, Ms.Ruben.)

Rarely does a series get better and better as it progresses. Vincent and Eve not only get better, they make your heart sing with joy. Added bonus? You don’t get bored at any point in time.

What can I say to do this book justice?

I have all the feels. I fell in love with Vincent in the final book and found a whole new level of respect for Eve. I liked them in the beginning, don’t get me wrong. But, as their story moved along and they grew as individuals and a couple, my love for them grew alongside them.

Let me first share that I love a book that has a whole lot of everything … chemistry, depth of character, mystery and suspense, bad guys vs good guys, friendships, amazing secondary characters, hot love scenes and incredible internal dialogues. I loved the development of her characters and the plot twists and turns. I loved how it all made perfect sense and that nothing was left unturned.

Eve develops gradually and really comes into her own over time. Vincent, however, blasts into a whole new gear from the moment he enters prison. His stint away turns him from boy to man….and man oh man, is he ever all man.

Ruben….I loved this story. I loved how it played out. I loved Vincent on a whole new level. His integrity, intelligence, emotional intelligence and his love makes him such a beautiful man. Your writing (from an editorial point of view) has jumped from great to awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed how you weaved the story flawlessly and really left me feeling satisfied and at peace.

What can I say? I also have a soft spot for the whole bad boy who is smart and a literary enthusiast. I mean, it’s the perfect combo. (Now find a way to make him into a real human!)

Jenn and I are hoping you’re going to continue with Slade’s story and on a personal note….yes….your story was the perfect antidote and reprieve! We can’t wait to see what you have in store for us readers in the future.


P.S. I must include this passage because it is my all time favourite. Enjoy πŸ™πŸ»

While the meat cooks, I watch the mountains in the distance, taking a moment to thank God for my life. I never considered myself a God- fearing man, but between these vast mountains and the clear sky, it feels like denying the existence of a higher power is impossible. Compared to New York, where everything is man-made from the people to the buildings, it was easy to believe that I was in control of my own life and destiny. God’s work is obscure in the big city. Out here though, is nothing but the truth. I look around and witness creation on a daily bases. I imagine Eve living with me here. Loving me. I picture her in my bed every morning and night.

❀️ Like c’mon.

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