Regretting You, Colleen Hoover

Mind blown. Just mind blown.

First off, I need to start with an ode to the great Colleen Hoover who inspires me to be a better story teller with ever single book I read of hers. (Crap…I’d venture to say a better human.)

What I love about Colleen Hoover and her mastery of the craft….

• Each book is better than the last. Just when I say, this is my favourite one…I have to add, this is my new favourite one.

I actually don’t think there is another author out there who manages to surprise me and make me feel every single emotion, to the point of tears each and every friggin time.

• She is, unequivocally, a master story teller. I often times put her books down when she shocks the hell out of me and contemplate how, in god’s name, does this woman come up with these stories?

• She seamlessly connects, brings full circle and simultaneously surprises the readers by making everything click right at the final moment of her storytelling in a way that leaves you breathless.

• There is no cookie cutter with Colleen Hoover. If you think you can box her into one genre, maybe two….forget it. This woman jumps from one arena to another as only a true literary genius can.

To the story of Regretting You:

I literally don’t even know where to begin. There are multiple stories that unfold parallel to one another, and although they cross paths, they are uniquely showcased holding merit to the idea that everyone has a story…and they all matter.

Morgan: My heart bled for this woman. Maybe because I’m a mom; maybe because I’ve seen what infidelity does to relationships first hand; maybe because I can relate to the moments when you think nothing could get any worse, and then they do …. I loved the complexity of Morgan. I felt her life seep through her hands. I stood as a bystander watching her come to terms with life’s shitty cards and piece together, with the fragments left behind, the Morgan she never had the opportunity to nurture throughout her life. She is the epitome of the underdog gracefully bearing all odds.

And her relationship with her daughter? Raw and real are the only words I can come up with. I found myself feeling pride for who she was as a mom in spite of the fuckery around her.


Oh Clara. Love this kid. The quintessential, not so quintessential teenager who desperately tries to make sense of a world that isn’t afraid to throw the punches at her. No matter how many punches her mother tries to take in her place, this young lady is triumphant in turning her pain and confusion into life lessons and victories. And still manages to find and believe in young love.

Miller: What can be said about a boy who is more man than most men my age? If you’re a romance skeptic, meet Miller. He’ll make you question everything you’ve ever held true. If I had the choice to pick my daughter’s future boyfriend, I’d be picking all the Millers in the world (and god I hope they really do exist.)

Jonah: To me, Jonah represents the pain of a life lived on the sidelines. Of a life falling always one step too short, yet stepping up regardless of what’s been thrown his way. He is pure love and a complicated mess of boy meets man. Love him too, dammit.

As for everyone else, who play what I call ghost roles….they are the catalysts. They are the pushers. They are the reason everyone’s heart gets torn open, ripped to pieces and new pathways created. They are there to show you the result of many facets of human nature that are sometimes ugly, but nevertheless tragic in their own rite.

Regretting You is by far my favourite book to date.

Damn Hoover…damn.