Sterling Her by: Rachel Van Dyken


I was really intrigued by this book when I read the synopsis and loved the premise.

Reminded me of The Man with the Iron Mask.

Was looking forward to read a good love triangle story, brothers/twins with a whole lot of family drama.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t so pleased with the storyline and I found the character building not really developed with each character.

It seemed as tho some parts were rushed and not thought out. Such as Julian’s return and Izzy’s behaviour towards him.

Also, Izzy was portrayed as a very weak heroine and she didn’t leave an impression as a lead character. A college graduate from nursing school and because her fiancé’s family doesn’t allow their “women” working she went along with this ridiculous rule. There was no backstory, no explanation of a life she might’ve had before her parents death and quite frankly I found her inner dialogue very uninteresting. The only time I found this book took a turn is when Izzy was with Bridge.

Bridge, was great and the scenes between him and Izzy were sweet. He was a fun character and probably had the most character building.

I struggled with the fact that Izzy ignored all the physical clues that were staring at her when she was with Bridge.

I know it’s a romance novel, and fantasy is the play, I just found Stealing Her had moments of great story telling as is always the case with all books RVD books unfortunately, I found the fluidity at certain parts would dwindle away. Love all Rachel’s books this one though didn’t leave a lasting impression.