Tequila, Rebecca Sharp

This is one of those feel good kind of books everyone should read over the holidays.

The kind that, as a woman, will have you rooting for the female protagonist who is the perfect mix of bad- assery and vulnerability. Bae is the kind of woman I secretly wish my daughters will grow up to be one day. Not because she’s an enigma as an army pilot being all Top Gun-like with flying those fire jets and rocking it in an otherwise man’s world, but because she is someone filled with integrity. She’s a work in progress and regardless of the missteps along the way, she always picks herself up, owns her role as the woman she’s aspired to be and tries to right her wrongs along the way.

“…if you won’t listen to me, listen to the woman who refuses to be called a superhero because super isn’t real. Well, guess what? Being infallible isn’t real either. Real heroes make mistakes. Real heroes fall. And then real heroes pick themselves back up and keep going because who they are meant to be is greater than the mistakes they’ve made. ”

Did I mention I absolutely adore Logan?

In the midst of Bae finding herself and becoming more of the powerhouse woman she is meant to be, we also get to witness the emotional strength of Logan…a beautiful man who is not only secure enough in himself to not be intimidated by her strength, but someone who is also a work in progress in his own rite.

They both have a selfless spirit and after one fateful night, find themselves together again six years later. Neither one of them can deny the impact that one moment in time has had over them and when they get trapped together and work alongside one another, they can no longer avoid the inevitable.

I am a huge fan of Sharp. I love her writing and I was so happy with this book. I was fist pumping the air with how beautifully strong and complicated her female protagonist was and like I mentioned, Logan crept up in my heart and stayed there.