Tragic, Devney Perry

Every once in a while you come across a book that has a certain level of depth that seems to be missing in many books today.

Tragic is one of them.

It was such a beautifully written story about two characters who find their way together by chance. In the beginning I was afraid it was going to disappoint; however, the very backdrop of their relationship as one having to move backward rather than forward is precisely what saves it in the end.

I’m not a fan of the fast encounter. The explosive chemistry that gets quenched in the first scenes of a book. Typically, these stories fizzle fast and I struggle with reconciling how two people connect so powerfully chemistry wise and then spend the rest of the book chasing the dream of love and happily ever after.

But Kaine and Piper don’t disappoint. Both struggling with demons from their pasts and their fear of opening up and confusion about how they’re maneuvering through new phases in their lives is what makes it all the more real.

Kaine is truly a remarkable male character. He’s unpolished. He’s hiding from his anger and resentment. He’s essentially become a hermit and is trying to cope as best as he can with his tragic loss of his unborn baby girl and family drama that is like no other. Piper is finding her voice in the aftermath of a failed marriage that left her feeling empty and hollow. Struggling with her own life lessons, she’s looking for a new start and a place where she can discover who she truly is, separate from an ex husband and lifestyle that never rang true to her in the first place.

The story is very real. It’s raw and at times poignantly beautiful. The writing was clean and simple and even though it wasn’t poetic, the narrative was still very prose-like. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and highly recommend it!


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